The Book


Why I wrote this book?

I am the author of ‘’A Healthy Lifestyle in Your Golden Years.” My book shows you why you may have poor health and inspires you with 12 fabulous and easy steps to living a healthy, energetic life and uncover your sense of purpose. Being an active senior myself I was inspired to write this book because of all the years of watching some members of my family suffer ill health, despite our ‘healthy’ farming lifestyle. Research soon showed that our food and the earth it was grown in, was being contaminated by the chemicals used to grow it.   Media reports consistently confirmed that due to the myriad of junk style foods consumed also supported my theory that the chemicals used to grow our foods were contributing factors and the possible causes of our illnesses. This world we live in is currently overwhelmingly toxic, and it is affecting the health of ourselves and our families in so many ways.   There is a need for us all to be returning to old values of growing our own fruit and vegetables organically, home cooking and taking care of our environment. However we don’t all have the time or ability to do that anymore.   There is hope for you to reclaim your health in your golden years now. Purchase my book by pressing on the green button below. I hope you enjoy reading and learning from it.  

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