Meet Elaine

Is it time to start feeling great again?  

Hi there! I’m Elaine Squiers. 

I love to help senior citizens to reclaim their power to live life to the fullest, savouring every moment of their golden years.   

The golden years are really the time to enjoy everything you have worked for. You have earned it. You deserve it!  

All too often many retired senior folk tend to harbour the attitude that ageing is hard. I’ve heard senior folk say things like: 

"We’re all getting older and are going to die someday, so why bother to look after ourselves". 

"Why bother with getting out and about?"   

"Why try?"

Ageing and retirement can be fraught with challenges and stresses and it can also open up avenues to create an exciting and different way of life.    One that is still fulfilling, vibrant and energised.      It’s been shown countless times that seniors who live active, meaningful and healthy lives live much longer, pain free and happier lives with than those who don’t.  

As a Wellness Coach, I share my passion for living energetically and I help provide simple strategies to shift uncertainty into vitality and a zest for life.  

My mission is to empower, motivate and transform your life to live vibrantly with full energy, ready to reconnect to yourself and others.  

I believe that good health is the cornerstone of a happy life. 
And I believe that you can and should enjoy your golden years to the fullest and not be in constant pain.    

After overcoming many personal health and emotional hurdles over my lifetime, I realised how crucial it is to maintain your health, especially in retirement years. It saddens me to see so many seniors slipping into complacency. I’m passionate about advocating vibrancy and purpose in life for those over sixty.  

My passion and my journey inspired me to write my book “A Healthy Lifestyle in Your Golden Years“ on how to experience vibrant health in your later years.   A high quality life in your golden years revolves around healthy eating, exercise, connection, and purpose. I’ve expanded these central concepts into 12 easy to follow steps that help you to boost your health and achieve a fulfilling life.  

Now in my seventies, I’m living a life that I love, enjoying nutritious food that tastes delicious.  As a result I am keeping my weight and health in check and energy high.   My purpose is to help others realise their potential regardless of biological age.   I also keep my income streams varied and have been learning Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do for the past four years since the age of 70.   In fact, I gained my Tae Kwon Do Black Belt grading in December 2021.


I am beyond excited for this as I am the oldest student at our academy
to achieve my black belt!  

Who said life stops as you get older? 

I feel young and have the energy for an active social life which I love.  

My younger colleagues are always astounded when I reveal my age. It’s demoralizing how senior citizens are portrayed in society. We’re painted as incapable, boring, tired. So let’s break the stereotype and even soothe our own anxieties about ageing. 

 My journey into this energetic life came with many challenges and heartaches. 

I know from experience how easy it is to stay stuck in pain, to stay where you are because it’s familiar. It’s safe. Change is uncomfortable. Terrifying, sometimes! But I also know that life is not meant to be easy. Growth comes from challenges. And that’s where you find your purpose, meaning and happiness.

I believe as a senior citizen you still have an important contribution to make to your family, friends and acquaintances. Through your improved health and vitality, you can show them that it's never too late to realise a dream, or to change life for the better. By improving your health, you can change their situation.  

Here’s why I’m so passionate about helping you to live your life to the fullest.

Married at nineteen, I was full of optimism for a bright future. 

My husband was from a farming family like I was. We had aspirations of owning our own successful farming business. My husband worked the land and became a sheep shearer. The pay was low and inconsistent and things were always financially tight. We moved from house to house, living wherever we could find cheap accommodation. At one point we had to move in with my husband’s parents for three and a half years. We spent twenty years in the country, making enough money to make ends meet.        

Our first son was born after three devastating miscarriages. Given our difficulties with falling pregnant, we then decided to adopt our second son because we didn’t want our first son to be an only child.   However, we continued trying to grow our family and after two more devastating miscarriages, I then managed to carry two more healthy boys to full term.  

At age thirty two after five miscarriages, giving birth three times and raising four boys,  my body and my health were in a mess.  

On top of that, my second son was diagnosed as a diabetic at age ten.  

My whole world turned upside down for a while.  

I had to be constantly vigilant about preparing regular meals for my diabetic son to maintain his blood sugar levels. I had to remember to help him keep up with his insulin management

I had to stick to a strict routine of regular meals and injections. Any changes would have had devastating consequences for my son.

After the continued stress with our son’s health in the country, we decided to move to Perth to get better medical care for our son.After arriving in Perth, my husband decided I needed to get a job. I started working shifts full time to feed and care for my children and husband. 

Needless to say, my health and emotional wellbeing went downhill. I was a mess.

I wasn’t eating properly. 

I was constantly tired and sluggish. 

I couldn’t sleep restfully. 

I was extremely anxious, stressed. Exhausted. 

I felt life was spiralling downwards. Rapidly. 

Was this all there was to life?

Something had to change. I knew I had to change.

I started assessing what I was putting into my body to increase my energy.

One day as I was reading through the newspaper, I saw an advertisement which stated ˜Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How”  followed by a phone number.    Summing up courage I called the number, taking a chance that it wasn’t a scam.  It wasn’t and I haven’t looked back since.   

That simple phone call was the turning point in my life.  That was thirty years ago!  

That was thirty years ago!

The ‘lose weight’ regime consisted of simple-to-prepare, nutritious meals that changed my life. I was able to feed myself wholesome, high quality nutrition {link} and I felt the effects almost immediately. 

My thinking became clearer. I dropped all the excess weight I was carrying.

My energy levels received a turbo boost. I had the capacity to do more. 

My sleep improved.  

I started to feel happier than I had ever been in a while. 

Life was starting to look and feel wonderful again.

That was when I started to improve the other areas of my life. I found out how to make my body stronger. I searched for techniques to bring peace and quiet to my thoughts, and to live a more fulfilling life. 

It did take me some time to accept what I could and could not change. 

I kept moving. 

I kept up with beneficial nutrition. 

I kept believing that life would get better. 

And it did. 

Yes I lost a few friends and family members along the way. These were the people who pulled me down because they were stuck in their own problems. I had to make the hard choice of walking away from a marriage that could not be saved. I started joining community groups to volunteer and find like-minded people. 

I rebuilt my life and changed my surroundings. I gravitated to people who genuinely cared about me. 

And I made it through to who I am today. 

Healthy, fit and full of energy and zest. 

Living my life to the fullest. 

And ready to help you do the same.

If you’re ready for more, ready to experience life to the fullest in your golden years, ready to be mentored, coached and supported, I will be there for you and give you a friendly push when you need it. 

Click on the link and let’s have a chat over coffee. My treat. 

Yes! I want to know more, Elaine.

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