About Me

I pursue health, not paycheques!

I am 71 years of age and I am fortunate to still be very energetic and extremely healthy.

Born into a farming family, I am the eldest of four children, all very healthy and active. However, I noticed that my mother was not as fit and healthy as my father was.

Her diet in childhood was sadly lacking in nutrients and she suffered ill health most of her life. Reaching puberty she developed rheumatoid arthritis twice, a year apart. This damaged her eyesight leaving her with poor vision requiring glasses. In those days her doctors’ advice was to restrict exercise, which lead to a sedentary lifestyle from that point onwards.

On the other hand, my father had grown up on a farm, where his parents had a fruit and vegetable garden, fresh milk (straight from the cows), cream, eggs, fresh meat and of course home cooked meals. Dad worked the farm on his own mostly, He was a great sportsman playing football and tennis for many years.

My husband also suffered from poor health, fatigue and depression, despite being a farmer’s son. Then my second child at 10 years of age, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes requiring insulin injections twice a day in order to survive.

That’s when I began to question the causes of these illnesses in my family members. Noting the differences in my parents health I recognised that poor nutrition may be the cause. But why? In the past people were not overweight nor suffer from other health issues currently reported in the news today. I deduced it had to be the chemicals used so vigorously in the 70’s and 80’s and still in use today.

All these where motivating factors for writing my book. I wanted to get the message out to people, to explain and educate and hopefully encourage them to change their eating and exercise habits.

When I discovered InnerOrigin, was an online supermarket where all products where scrutinised by a Product Advisory Board before being allowed on the platform, I was so excited. All the labels on the packets and cans state exactly what is in the packet or can – we call it “Truth On Label.” You can really believe it.

To be able to buy a product, have it delivered to your door and know for a fact that it is produced or made with organic or natural ingredients is so exciting. If discovered to not be the case, the supplier is advised accordingly to allow them to change or they are taken off the platform . What a tremendous relief!!!

No more GMO, No more chemicals and No Pesticides and NOT tested on animals.

So if you are passionate about healthy and organic food, free of GMO and chemicals, then please check out my online store here at InnerOrigin.