Your golden years are really the best years of your life!

I'm in my seventies and I know that's possible…
I am living it.


  • You're carrying extra unwanted weight
  • You're feeling sluggish and lethargic
  • You have chronic niggles and pains that affect your daily life
  • You're not sleeping well which adds to a foggy mind and temperamental moods
  • You're eating all the wrong foods that make you bloat and feel discomfort… for days
  • Your busy days desperately require energy that you just don't have…


  • Drop those extra kilos so you can look and feel great again.
  • Sleep peacefully all through the night and wake up feeling energised and refreshed
  • Eat foods that make you feel healthy, energised and vibrant.
  • Have more than enough energy to do everything you want to do… and more.
  • Finally get rid of those chronic pains to have the freedom to do what you really want
  • You see, it wasn't always this way for me.


I spent my younger years as a sleep-deprived mother, juggling the demands of growing children, a challenging career and life-limiting fatigue. There were days when I didn't want to get out of bed.

I gained excess kilos. 

I felt unattractive… unhealthy.

I could not focus and my roller-coaster moods created many grievances.

Worst of all…. I felt useless .. the constant fatigue prevented me from doing what I enjoyed. Especially helping those I loved the most.

There didn't seem to be any way out of the fog. 

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Hope can come in many forms.

By accident one day I responded to a weight loss advertisement in the newspaper. And suddenly I was introduced to Herbalife and their nutritional products. The extra weight I was carrying dropped off within a few weeks and the best part was the tremendous boost of energy I subsequently experienced. I was hooked.


I got my life back..


In fact, I am living an even more fuller life today than I ever did.

(I started martial arts in my 70s and will soon be getting my black belt! )


Elaine fist pump

I feel young. I feel energized. Powerful … Sexy!

Imagine having abundant energy instead of lethargy…

Imagine looking fit and strong instead of carrying unwanted weight ..


Can you see yourself moving with agility and ease instead of feeling constrained by your physical body?

If you want to live a more vibrant, health-filled life…. adding life to your years instead of years to your life…

Let Me Show You How

I'm passionate about enjoying life to the fullest even in my golden years, and
I want you to feel the same way too

Studies show that eating well is one of the pillars of good health and a full life.


But as you age, a decreased metabolism, changes in taste and smell, and slower digestion can affect appetites and how your body processes food.


It can then be all too easy to consume the wrong type of foods that cause you more harm than good.


There are two ways you can positively affect your health: via the food you consume and the water you drink. I've combined these into my Optimum Health System, which is a simple system to kick-start your optimum health and wellness journey, comprising of Herbalife and Kangan Water products. I've been using both of these systems for a very long time to maintain optimum health. They drastically improve the quality of your food and water - the first step to getting you on track to health and wellness.


♦ Quick to prepare yet filling, nutritious meals.

♦ Chemical-free, health-giving water.

♦ Exact amounts of nutrients and minerals required for your age.


♦ Long hours preparing and cooking meals

♦ Chlorine ladened water to replenish your hydration (yuck!)

♦ Worrying if you're eating enough of the right food groups for your age

Learn More about the Optimal Health System

The Optimal Health System

Herbal Life image enagic-leveluk-machinesrectangle_1_orig

As an Independent Herbalife Nutrition Member which means I can use and distribute their wonderful products for health and weight loss. I started using Herbalife meal replacements thirty years ago. This novel way of 'drinking' some of your daily meals as easy-to-prepare shakes makes it very convenient for busy lives. You still get a filling, nutritious meal without long food preparation time or washing up. Their products completely transformed my health and well-being.



Your body is made up of 60% water. This water is lost through perspiration, breathing, urination. So it only makes sense to replenish it with the highest quality water possible. 


Alkaline water (water with PH value 8-8.5) has been shown to benefit sufferers of acid reflux (PubMed.Gov), high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol (Shanghai Journal of Preventive Medicine). It is also said to slow down aging and block chronic diseases like cancer.


Water with lower PH values (e.g. unfiltered tap water) tends to be full of chemicals and heavy metals. 


The Kangen Water Table Top Filtration System keeps your drinking water alkaline and keeps you in top health.

I have used Herbal Life for over 30 years and Kangen Water for approximately 3 years now and have personally experienced how they have made a big impact on my health and well-being. But don't just take my word for it. Read how others have been transformed after using these products.

Start Your Optimal Health System Today!

However, the best is yet to come

These products that have faithfully served me in my health have also served me financially.

You might be wondering how.

You see, after my amazing personal results I partnered with these companies. As I share my personal journey and help others overcome their problems, I have been able to earn a 'no ceiling' income.

This means I am able to really live life on my own terms. To not being dependent on my children or other family members to take care of me. To go on holidays and not worry too much about expenses. To lavishly spoil my  grandchildren when their parents aren't looking. 
You, too, will have that opportunity open for you should you decide to pursue it when the time is right. To earn limitless income giving you more financial freedom and confidence when you use and share the products in my Optimum Health System.

So if you are ready to see a transformation in your life

 If you are ready to experience unlimited, abundant energy

To have clear and sharp thinking..

To move freely, untethered by pain …

Then don't let age hold you back

Come and have a chat with me! Come and have a chat with me! Live Your Fullest Life Call Elaine Today!

Find out how you can use the Optimum Health System to set free the younger you trapped by your old habits and beliefs! And create wealth along the way to live life your way too.

Kick start your journey to a golden life.

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